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Towcester Town Hall

Town Clerk: Miss Elizabeth Cox
The Town Hall, 86 Watling
Street, Towcester
Northamptonshire NN12 6BS

Tel: 01327 350995

Dog Litter Bins

The Town Council provides over 70 dog waste bins on its open areas in the town and our contractor empties them once a week.

We are aware of the lack of dog waste bins in new residential developments around the town. Whilst the land remains in the private ownership of the developer, it is their responsibility to make provisions for waste bins and emptying.

Please contact us to report ay problems relating to dog waste bins or if you require a dog waste bin in your area of the town.

It is an offence if the owner of a dog allows their animal to foul in a public place without clearing it up.

If an authorised officer witnesses anyone not cleaning up after their dog, they may be given a fixed penalty. If they refuse to pay the fixed penalty they may be taken to court and be fined up to £1000 plus court costs.

If you witness someone letting their dog foul in a public place without cleaning it up afterwards, you should report this to South Northants District Council using the link below. Include the name and address of the person in charge of the dog (if known), a description of the dog, plus details of the date, time and place of the offence.

Report dog fouling

Locations of Town Council contracted dog waste bins :