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My Lockdown Life

"As the Covid-19 lockdown continues into the summer, how do you fancy either taking a special photo or writing a short article that sums up what this extraordinary time means to you? It could be a peaceful outdoor scene, a view of others walking socially-distanced, an almost traffic-free main road, a row of closed shops, anything that records what living in Towcester through these strange times means to you."

Cllr Dallyn (Towcester Town Mayor)

The new Mayor of Towcester, Councillor Richard Dallyn, is calling on local people to get out their cameras or phones to take a picture or write an article that will for ever remind them of 2020.

The invitation is to submit your favourite photo, or write an article, one per person, by 1st September, either by uploading it on the form below or emailing it to the Town Council, for the attention of the Town Mayor.

Once all the submissions are in, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor will judge which are the best, and include them in a calendar that can be available to buy later in the year, with the proceeds going to the Mayor's Charity, Macmillan Cancer Support in Northants.

Articles, of no more than 400 words, writing as someone living in the parish of Towcester about your lockdown experience, should also be submitted by 1st September using the form below or by email or post to:

My Lockdown Life
Towcester Town Mayor
Towcester Town Council
Town Hall
86 Watling Street East
NN12 6BS

If enough articles are submitted, then a publication including some of the pieces may be produced later in the year.

Submissions are also invited from youngsters under 18, one per child, and if enough are received, they too might be published. Who knows, your work may be viewed by historians in years to come.

"In these times when it's impossible to organise any of the usual events, I'm hoping these photo and article ideas may catch on. Let's give it a go."

Cllr Dallyn (Towcester Town Mayor)

Residents of Towcester, Wood Burcote and Caldecote only. One entry per person, per category. Please submit your entries by 1st September 2020.

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My Lockdown Life

Parent/guardian details if under 18.

Submit your photo or document here.

Top tip: write your article in a separate document and then copy and paste the text here (recommended) or use the 'Upload File' button. 400 word limit.