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A5 Reffield Close to Marlow Road traffic control Fri 7th Sept

A5 Reffield Close to Marlow Road traffic control Fri 7th Sept

We have been advised that Forkers will be carrying out works to reline approximately 64 metres of an existing 225mm diameter sewer, running south from Reffield Close towards Marlow Road on Friday 7th September 2018.

The works will be carried out under two way temporary traffic signal control between 6.30am and 8pm and the adjacent footway will be closed to pedestrians. Access to Reffield Close will be maintained.

A CCTV survey carried out recently found more than eighty defects in this particular sewer pipeline so it has been decided to internally line the full length of the pipe.

The works involve: uncoiling the full length of a fibreglass sock from a drum, pouring resin into the sock which the soak soaks up, recoiling the resin soaked sock into a machine which then blows it into the sewer to line it. To cure the resin soaked liner, water is poured into a latex tube previously inserted into the resin soaked sock liner and boiled for several hours. Once the water has cooled, it is released and the latex tube is removed leaving the fully cured resin liner in position.

Obviously, during the curing time it may appear that nothing is being done but, the curing is being monitored at all times and is necessary to ensure a sewer lining that is durable.

The final operation is to sent a robotic cutter into the newly lined pipe to cut holes in the liner at connection points.

Please note that all our planned works may be subject to change due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances.

Forkers apologise for any disruption these works may cause. Please plan ahead and allow extra time for your journey.

Posted: Thu, 06 Sep 2018 09:00 by Liz

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