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Planning Applications

The planning applications due to be discussed by the Resources & Planning Committee at its next meeting are detailed below. Please click on the individual link to be directed to full details of the application submitted to West Northamptonshire Council.

West Northamptonshire Council's weekly list of applications for the district.

Please note that the following applications will be discussed at the Resources & Planning Committee Meeting on Monday, 23rd January 2023:-

The Old Wheatsheaf, 158 Watling Street East, Towcester
Proposed conversion and extension of vacant outbuilding to provide residential annexe within curtilage of courtyard.

Park House, 33 Brackley Road, Towcester
T1 Pine; Prune branches overhanging access road back to within the confines of the property (approximately 30-50cm lateral reduction).

Park House, 33 Brackley Road, Towcester
G1 Mixed trees and vegetation along boundary; prune back to boundary wall for the full height of the vegetation.
T2 Pyrus; Remove torn stem and reduce remainder of crown as necessary to balance. Crown clean removing all dead, diseased, dying, crossing, rubbing and duplicate branches.
T3 Viburnum; Reduce in height by 1.5 metres and trim to shape.
T4 Mulberry; Reduce to compact form by up to 1.8 metres laterally and crown clean removing all dead, diseased, dying, crossing, rubbing and duplicate branches.
T5 Indian Bean Tree; Crown clean removing all dead, diseased, dying, crossing, rubbing and duplicate branches. Crown reduce by approximately 1.8 metres laterally and in height to balance, pruning to suitable growth points to retain the flowing lines of the canopy.

Land North of The Bell Plantation, Watling Street, Towcester
Hybrid planning application comprising of Part A: Full planning permission for a new roundabout access from the A5; internal spine road, creation of development plots with associated earthworks and plateauing; delivery of plateaus and access for Towcester Town Football Club (TTFC); site-wide structural landscaping and infrastructure; and a single warehouse (Use Class B8) and ancillary office, with associated access, hardstanding, landscaping, parking and supporting infrastructure. Part B: Outline planning permission with all matters reserved for the development of TTFC and employment floorspace falling within Use Classes B2 and B8, with ancillary office space on the development plots; as established through Part A of this application.
INCLUDING:- Amended Plans/Information
Amendment details: Submission of further information and evidence in relation to Environmental Statement: North Towcester AIMSUN Modelling Report (highway modelling).