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Planning Applications

The planning applications due to be discussed by the Resources & Planning Committee at its next meeting are detailed below. Please click on the individual link to be directed to full details of the application submitted to South Northamptonshire Council.

South Northamptonshire Council's weekly list of applications for the district.

Please note that the following applications will be discussed at the Resources & Planning Committee Meeting on Monday, 28th September 2020:-

Planning Applications received to 22nd September 2020:-

Springhill Farm, Abthorpe Road, Towcester
Determination as to whether prior approval is required (under Class Q of Part 3 of the above Order) for the change of use of an agricultural building to a dwellinghouse (Use Class C3) in respect of: the transport and highways impacts of the development; noise impacts of the development' contamination risks on the site; flooding risks on the site; whether the siting and location of the buildings makes it impractical or undesirable to change the use; and the design and external appearance of the building.

Park House, 33 Brackley Road, Towcester
T1 Pyrus; Reduce damaged stem back to the first viable growth point. Crown reduce
remainder of tree by approximately 102 metres in height and laterally to balance pruning to suitable growth points to retain the flowing lines of the canopy.
T2 Mulberry; Reduce propped limb by 1.5 metres in height and laterally to balance the crown thin branch endings by 15%. Crown thin remainder of tree by 15% adjust prop as necessary.
T3 Indian Bean Tree; Reduce to clear property by 0.5 metres. Crown clean removing all dead, diseased, dying, crossing, rubbing and duplicate branches.
T4 Self-set Ash; Fell as close to ground level as possible.
T5 Goat Willow; Crown lift to a height of 3.5 metres over road only.
G1 Mixed species; Crown lift all trees and vegetation to height of 3.5 metres over road.