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Towcester Town Council Business Plan 2019-2024

Towcester Town Council Business Plan 2019-2024

What is the purpose of the Business Plan?

This Business Plan is our blueprint for how Towcester Town Council will work in a coordinated way in the best interests of all who live and work in Towcester and use our services. It sets out the mission, objectives and key priorities of what we want to achieve, either directly or by trying to increase its influence on the relevant delivery body, such as the District or County Council.

At the time of writing, National Government had decreed the abolition of Northamptonshire County Council and the formation of two unitary authorities; one of which will absorb South Northamptonshire Council. The roles of this unitary authority and those of Towcester Town Council have yet to be agreed. Any reference to roles of these bodies will need to be modified accordingly.

It is our 'action plan' for the next five years.

The aim of the Business Plan is to give Towcester's residents a clear understanding of what the Town Council is trying to achieve and how it proposes to deliver this. It details what the Town Council intends to focus on over the next five years. The Business Plan will be used each year to plan activities and set the budget for the coming year.

Why do we need a Business Plan?

The Business Plan helps ensure that the Council can take a planned and consistent approach to:
• the choice and delivery of services
• the prioritisation and allocation of resources
• the achievement of real value for money

It is a 'live' document which the Town Council will update regularly, enabling it to track and monitor its progress against the key priorities. Because the Business Plan will be publicly available, Towcester's residents will also be able to monitor progress.

Community involvement in the Business Plan process

The Town Council invited the local community to participate in the development of the Business Plan. It is available on the Town Council website, allowing residents both to view the content and also suggest improvement and update.

The principal priorities from the consultation feedback were fed into the final draft of the Business Plan, prior to final approval by the Town Council.

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