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TowFood Subscription Boxes

TowFood Subscription Boxes

Thank you for supporting the Community Larders over the past 12 months.

Food Larder move to paid subscription from 12th April 2021

Now the roadmap has been announced, and the end of lockdown is on the horizon, we are planning for the future of the Community Larder. There is a danger that we are creating a dependency culture and becoming complicit in the normalisation of free food delivery. Free food is right and appropriate during an emergency that is short term but it does not address the core routes of why people cannot afford to feed themselves. The biggest barrier to eating well is insufficient income. People need to have economic empowerment first and foremost and finding ways to have affordable food that is reducing food waste must be a considered the next option as we start to build a post COVID society in 2021. Our vision is to continue to reduce food waste and make a positive impact on the environment. We also want to continue to support our communities with affordable food, available to all.

The last free larder boxes will be delivered w/c 5th April 2021.

The main difference will be how this food is accessed by our community

Rather than receiving free food parcels, for which funding has now stopped, membership to our larders will be available. Members will be able to access our Larders to select the items they would like for a heavily reduced fee compared to the supermarket. If they are unable to attend the Larder session, we can arrange for our volunteers to choose their items and deliver.

Please see our website for full details

Recipients have been informed of this change in their boxes today and have received the attached leaflet/membership form.

We appreciate that some of your current recipients may not be in a position to afford the boxes, however we do offer 'pay it forward' memberships. This is where the parish, school, housing association etc can subsidise their membership. They would receive a membership card and be able to access the food in a dignified manner, treated the same as everyone else. Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss this option with us.

Please contact any of us in the larder team and we are happy to hear from you or you can phone me direct on 07974 919221.

Thank you and the many volunteers in each village providing support that has had a massive social impact and helped to cushion some of the blow of events of the past year making us all proud to be residents of Northamptonshire.


Miranda Wixon

Posted: Tue, 30 Mar 2021 14:31 by Lizzi Bucklow-Holt

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